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We manufacture custom rubber parts. Our team is specialized to optimize the design of your moulds as well as your parts.

We work with different types of rubber and silicon to meet the standards of different industries such as plumbing and electrical. We have a large production capacity (90 to 1000 tons).


Custom-made molded rubber parts

Rubber injection molding

Molten and then cooled materials pressed into moulds with several cavities allowing a large and fast production capacity.

  • Rubber and/or silicone injection moulding


Moulded to the inserts which allows to merge two parts in an irreversible way.

  • Rubber-to-metal bonding

Rubber compression molding

Compressed materials into moulds, at different temperatures, to give it the desired shape with a cost-effective solution.

  • Rubber and/or silicone compression moulding

Rubber cutting service
Rubber transfer moulding

allows parts to be moulded with more complexity in case it needs to be uniformly filled or perfectly placed.

  • Rubber and/or silicone transfer moulding

You can trust us
with your project realization

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