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Falpaco offers a custom manufacturing service for injection moulded plastic parts. Submit your quote and we will optimize the design of your moulds as well as your products.

We offer a wide variety of plastics to accomodate several types of industries. We can ensure a large production capacity (90 to 1000 tons).

Plastic compression moulding

Thermosetting plastics for simple and mostly, flat and large parts.

Plastic overmolding

Merge parts into one to eliminate the need for assembly

  • Overmolding plastic or metal components

Plastic injection

Thermoplastic materials to ensure precise, high-volume moulded parts.

  • Bi-injection moulding process (2 colors)

  • Bi-injection moulding process (2 materials)

Custom-made molded 
plastic parts

You can trust us
​with your
project realization

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