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Our expertise allows us to offer injection moulds adapted to your needs as well as your budget. Our machine shop can manufacture in-house moulds or prototype moulds in order to test different materials.

With our extensive network of suppliers, we can offer you the right moulds for your rubber, silicone or plastic parts.

If you need help with the design of your moulds or if you want to improve the design of your products, our certified team will be pleased to assist you.

Type of molds

Plastic injection mold

Rubber injection mold

Plastic compression mold

Rubber compression mold

Rubber transfer molds​

Plastic overmolding mold

Rubber overmolding mold


Nos type de moulages

Plastic injection molding

Bi-injection molding process (2 colors)

Bi-injection molding process(2 materials)

Rubber and/or silicone injection molding

Rubber and/or silicone compression molding

Rubber and/or silicone transfer molding

Rubber-to-metal bonding

You can trust us ​
with your ​
project realization

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